The Artistery “Program” Is Over. Dead. Over.

Well, we are bummed to announce that the creative/disciplined/spiritual program that was the Artistery is dead. Yes dead. The last few months have been an emotional and financial nightmare. There are many small and large details that contributed to the failing. Too many, in fact, to go over on this web posting. Emails may be answered, but face to face conversations are the best way to any information you may need.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the program and community that surrounded the Artistery. You supported us in our vision and it just ran its course. Anyone who has an application in for next year or has been an “Artisterian” in the past, we apologize heavily and thank you for believing in what we did here. It’s sad, but we were reminded that many times the things we make die earlier than we expect and so we must move on to the “next thing”.

The “next thing” is a work in progress. We will still try to do what we said we’d do (scroll down to the April 24th statement paragraph one.

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