encourage artistic pieces and community “happenings” photos, writing, music, ect. to be submitted to this website where we, in turn, do our best to post all that we can. We do what we do to support art in our community and encourage others to do the same.

The Artistery~
Point and click here to hear Peter Jenkins tell about how the Artistery came to be and a bit about where we’d like to go  .

Robert Deeble Daniel G Harmann

Saturday the 21st of February Door at 6:30 : Show at 7:00 pm. $5 cover
Robert Deeble will be supporting his newly released record. Daniel G Harmann will be opening for this cozy living room show.

Valentines Day with Karl Blau and Familia Wanderstaff Anne Adams

Saturday the 14th of February Door at 6:30pm : Show at 7:00pm. $4 cover
Bring a lover or find one this Valentine’s Day 2004! There’ll be heart shaped candies, Valentine cards, Cupid decorations…just like third grade Valentine’s party. To top it off we’ve got Wanderstaff Familia and Anne Adams.

Jaycob Van Auken author Drew McCoy Bryan

Saturday the 24th of January Door at 6:30 : Show at 7:00 pm. $4 cover
Local Portland,OR truebador Jaycob Van Auken will be here along with local author and contributor to ShiftyHenry , Drew McCoy. The piano will be played by Bryan Free. Probably very well. Oh, and he’ll sing too.

Happy New Year to some . Live Music Coming

First of all, a happy new year to all from The Artistery and ShiftyHenry.net. We have resolved to eat more vegetables and not shave our backs for an entire year. Fabulous!

January and February bring some lovely music to the Artistery. January 10th we have Climber, Windfarm DJ’s, and Winfield. January 24th we have Jaycob Van Auken, Bryan Free and, author, Drew McCoy. February 21st brings Robert Deeble and Daniel G Harmann.

Welcome to Artistery! Two Openings for Residency

Thank you for visiting the new Artistery internet based site. We have information “about” The Artistery with a word from the Godfather, director Peter Jenkins and also the “Artistery” section which is devoted to the goings on (weekly programs, get togethers, ect.) and contact/application information. You will notice if you feel that you’ve seen this website before, but just can’t place it, yes, this was formerly located at ShiftyHenry . The goal of this site is much the same and now you, the viewer, can find more information about The Artistery.

As of today there are two new openings for residency at the Artistery. If you’d like to apply for residency at The Artistery click the word eight words back from here and go to “Application for Residence”.

Fundraiser 10 Band Bonanza March 20th!!!

Saturday the 20th of March the Artistery will host the “Back Yard-BBQ-Buck-a- Band-BONANZA”. There will be live music all day starting at 1 pm and going until 10 pm with good food, good drink and lots of your friends. Come. Bring your mother and her friends.

The music will include (but not be limited to) Y.A.C.H.T., Thanksgiving, Dot.Matrix, The Poison Dart, The Watery Graves, Peter Charles Jenkins, Ban Venai, Paper Airlines, Anne Adams and Josh Butler. The cost is $10 for all day (it will totally be worth it) and $3 if you just came to see your favorite indie-rocker, but you’ll seriously want to stay. This is a fundraising event for the Artistery that needs your support to keep on bringing peace and knowledge of the reason for the existence of all who participate…well isn’t bringing radical music enough?

Thanks to the Bands and the Friends ~ Mt. Eerie April 17th

A large thank you to all who made it down last weekend to play or to listen, hang out, whatever. Your contribution was much appriciated.
Saturday, April 17th we will have Mt. Eerie (formerly The Microphones) who will be joined by Thanksgiving and Woelv. More on that soon to come, I think. Be sure to check out the touring of Mt. Eerie, Thanksgiving and the Watery Graves in a town near you.

The Wind of Change

There’s a mighty wind a blowin’ here at the Artistery. We’re not sure what it will bring, but there will definitely be changes in the next few months. An official statement will be made sometime soon.

We thank you for your support and we make it a high priority to stay focused on this creative community. Live music and other artistic showings will go on as scheduled and many more are in the works. One major thing that we plan to do is finish our dark room for community use so if you have any knowledge of dark rooms we could use your help.

Thank you to Woelv, Thanksgiving and Mt. Eerie for the wonderful show last Saturday. To answer some of the questions that have been coming, yes, we did record the show and we will review the material and if it turns out to the satisfaction of the players we will release some of it on our ‘listen’ page and possibly to those who requested copies. That part of things we’re not sure about, but you’ll be the first to know. Thanks again for your support as we bring more wonderful music to your ears and eyes.

The Artistery “Program” Is Over. Dead. Over.

Well, we are bummed to announce that the creative/disciplined/spiritual program that was the Artistery is dead. Yes dead. The last few months have been an emotional and financial nightmare. There are many small and large details that contributed to the failing. Too many, in fact, to go over on this web posting. Emails may be answered, but face to face conversations are the best way to any information you may need.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the program and community that surrounded the Artistery. You supported us in our vision and it just ran its course. Anyone who has an application in for next year or has been an “Artisterian” in the past, we apologize heavily and thank you for believing in what we did here. It’s sad, but we were reminded that many times the things we make die earlier than we expect and so we must move on to the “next thing”.

The “next thing” is a work in progress. We will still try to do what we said we’d do (scroll down to the April 24th statement paragraph one.