encourage artistic pieces and community “happenings” photos, writing, music, ect. to be submitted to this website where we, in turn, do our best to post all that we can. We do what we do to support art in our community and encourage others to do the same.

The Artistery~
Point and click here to hear Peter Jenkins tell about how the Artistery came to be and a bit about where we’d like to go  .

Past Shows

-Karl Blau, Your Heart Breaks, Madeline Adams (08/20/08)
-Adrian Orange, Small Sur, Johanna Kunin (08/16/08)
-Film Screening: Authority Party plus other films. Music from Doubledutch (08/15/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: The Goonies (08/10/08)
-Finn Riggins, White Fang, Worlds Greatest Ghost (08/07/08)
PWRFL POWER, Neighborhood Stars, Why I Must Be Careful (07/28/08)
-Tara Jane Oneil, Valet, Katy Davidson (ex Dear Nora), Cynthia Nelson (07/25/08)
-Whitman, Stellaluna, What Can Skulls Tell Us (07/24/08)
-Ohioan and Native Kin, Jack Lewis, Inside Voices (DJ’d by The Cowboys From Sweden) (07/18/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: George Carlin’s “You Are Diseased” (07/13/08)
-“Beneath the Big Blue Dome”: A Creative Community Event for Families (07/12/08)
FILM SCREENING – Past Date: 3 Documentaries about places that outlived their glory. Music from Ah Holly Famly (07/11/08)
-Thanksgiving, O Paon, Grouper (06/30/08)
-Typhoon, The Evolutionary Jass Band, Eskimo and Sons (06/28/08)
-French Quarter, James Fella, Hell Kite, Aaron Shepherd, Andy Combs and the Moth (06/16/08)
-Junkface, Eskimo and Sons, What Can Skulls Tell Us (06/14/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Harold and Maude” (06/07/08)
-The Dead Science, Shelly Short (06/07/08)
-St. Frankie Lee, Brother Mitya, The Beat Nun, Aaron Shepherd (06/04/08)
-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Foot Foot, Concern (06/03/08)
-Horse Feathers, Ora Cogan (Canadian), Modernstate (05/23/08)
-Hornet Leg, Battlehooch (San Francisco), Magic Johnson (05/19/08)
-Late Night Curley, D Numbers, Gejius (04/26/08)
-Benefit for Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls: LKN, Explodeintocolors (04/25/08)
-Team Evil, Swim Swam Swum, Patterns (04/18/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” (04/13/08)
-AF Jamison, The Blankket, Tres Gone (04/12/08)
-Georgie James, Dirty Mittens, Blue Skies for Black Hearts (04/11/08)
PWRFL POWER, Parenthetical Girls, Aan, Dominique Leone (04/08/08)
-L.A.K.E., P.E.T.S., Upsidedown Cat (04/05/08)
-Karl Blau, Jerry Highlund, Nate Ashley, The Gift Machine (04/04/08)
-Evangelista, Ghost to Falco, Bob Jones (04/02/08)
-Amaretta, The New Urban Decay, DT’s Hammer, Second Best (03/29/08)
-Kelli Schaefer, Polka Dot Dot, Ben Kamen, Per Se (03/23/08)
-Yellow Swans, Ex Cocaine, Religious Knives, Eye Myths (03/16/08)
-Drew Danburry, White Fang, Sad Horse (03/04/08)
-Film Screening: “The Nightingale Princess” (02/25/08)
-Blitzen Trapper, Starfucker (02/23/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Lost Boys” (02/10/08)
-L.A.K.E., The Online Romance, Worlds Greatest Ghost (02/09/08)
-Micheal Griffen Memorial Concert (02/08/08)
-Who Just Arted?! The Party (02/04/08)
-French Quarter, Nadine Mooney (01/26/08)
-Mirah, Bryce Panic (Record Release), Arrington DeDionyso, Rebecca Pearcy (01/19/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Idiocracy” (01/13/08)
-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Parenthetical Girls, Concern (01/09/08)


-Andrew Jackson Jihad, Blunt Mechanic, Modernstate (12/17/07)
FOOD FIGHT! Movie Night: “Sixteen Candles” (12/09/07)
-Typhoon, Reporter, Swim Swam Swum (12/08/07)
-Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon and Bonnie Mercer, Grouper, Ecomorti(12/07/07)
-Little Terrors: Film Screening (12/01/07)
-Ohioan and Native Kin, AU, Ghost to Falco (11/24/07)
-Adrian Orange, The Winks, The Funz (11/13/07)
-Dear or the Doe, A Weather, Bognor (11/10/07)
-New Bloods, The Fucking Ocean, Hornet Leg (11/09/07)
-Dirty Mittens, The Ocean Floor, At Dusk (10/23/07)
-White Rainbow, Sun Circle, Megafaun (10/16/07)
FOOD FIGHT! Movie Night: “Kingpin” (10/14/07)
-Gejius, Flaspar, IE, Leco$te (10/13/07)
-Mount Eerie, The Moools, Ghost to Falco (10/04/07)
-The Watery Graves, The Evolutionary Jass Band, Angelo Spencer, Baptist Arms (09/28/07)
-Old Time Relijun, Cexfucx, Bryce Panic (09/26/07)
-Adrian Orange and Her Band, COCO, Davis Hooker (09/21/07)
-Valet, Lucky Dragons, Mudboy, Fortress of Amplitude, ROB WALMART (09/15/07)
-Team Evil, Andy Combs,