Past Shows

-Karl Blau, Your Heart Breaks, Madeline Adams (08/20/08)
-Adrian Orange, Small Sur, Johanna Kunin (08/16/08)
-Film Screening: Authority Party plus other films. Music from Doubledutch (08/15/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: The Goonies (08/10/08)
-Finn Riggins, White Fang, Worlds Greatest Ghost (08/07/08)
PWRFL POWER, Neighborhood Stars, Why I Must Be Careful (07/28/08)
-Tara Jane Oneil, Valet, Katy Davidson (ex Dear Nora), Cynthia Nelson (07/25/08)
-Whitman, Stellaluna, What Can Skulls Tell Us (07/24/08)
-Ohioan and Native Kin, Jack Lewis, Inside Voices (DJ’d by The Cowboys From Sweden) (07/18/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: George Carlin’s “You Are Diseased” (07/13/08)
-“Beneath the Big Blue Dome”: A Creative Community Event for Families (07/12/08)
FILM SCREENING – Past Date: 3 Documentaries about places that outlived their glory. Music from Ah Holly Famly (07/11/08)
-Thanksgiving, O Paon, Grouper (06/30/08)
-Typhoon, The Evolutionary Jass Band, Eskimo and Sons (06/28/08)
-French Quarter, James Fella, Hell Kite, Aaron Shepherd, Andy Combs and the Moth (06/16/08)
-Junkface, Eskimo and Sons, What Can Skulls Tell Us (06/14/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Harold and Maude” (06/07/08)
-The Dead Science, Shelly Short (06/07/08)
-St. Frankie Lee, Brother Mitya, The Beat Nun, Aaron Shepherd (06/04/08)
-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Foot Foot, Concern (06/03/08)
-Horse Feathers, Ora Cogan (Canadian), Modernstate (05/23/08)
-Hornet Leg, Battlehooch (San Francisco), Magic Johnson (05/19/08)
-Late Night Curley, D Numbers, Gejius (04/26/08)
-Benefit for Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls: LKN, Explodeintocolors (04/25/08)
-Team Evil, Swim Swam Swum, Patterns (04/18/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” (04/13/08)
-AF Jamison, The Blankket, Tres Gone (04/12/08)
-Georgie James, Dirty Mittens, Blue Skies for Black Hearts (04/11/08)
PWRFL POWER, Parenthetical Girls, Aan, Dominique Leone (04/08/08)
-L.A.K.E., P.E.T.S., Upsidedown Cat (04/05/08)
-Karl Blau, Jerry Highlund, Nate Ashley, The Gift Machine (04/04/08)
-Evangelista, Ghost to Falco, Bob Jones (04/02/08)
-Amaretta, The New Urban Decay, DT’s Hammer, Second Best (03/29/08)
-Kelli Schaefer, Polka Dot Dot, Ben Kamen, Per Se (03/23/08)
-Yellow Swans, Ex Cocaine, Religious Knives, Eye Myths (03/16/08)
-Drew Danburry, White Fang, Sad Horse (03/04/08)
-Film Screening: “The Nightingale Princess” (02/25/08)
-Blitzen Trapper, Starfucker (02/23/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Lost Boys” (02/10/08)
-L.A.K.E., The Online Romance, Worlds Greatest Ghost (02/09/08)
-Micheal Griffen Memorial Concert (02/08/08)
-Who Just Arted?! The Party (02/04/08)
-French Quarter, Nadine Mooney (01/26/08)
-Mirah, Bryce Panic (Record Release), Arrington DeDionyso, Rebecca Pearcy (01/19/08)
-Food Fight! Movie Night: “Idiocracy” (01/13/08)
-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Parenthetical Girls, Concern (01/09/08)


-Andrew Jackson Jihad, Blunt Mechanic, Modernstate (12/17/07)
FOOD FIGHT! Movie Night: “Sixteen Candles” (12/09/07)
-Typhoon, Reporter, Swim Swam Swum (12/08/07)
-Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon and Bonnie Mercer, Grouper, Ecomorti(12/07/07)
-Little Terrors: Film Screening (12/01/07)
-Ohioan and Native Kin, AU, Ghost to Falco (11/24/07)
-Adrian Orange, The Winks, The Funz (11/13/07)
-Dear or the Doe, A Weather, Bognor (11/10/07)
-New Bloods, The Fucking Ocean, Hornet Leg (11/09/07)
-Dirty Mittens, The Ocean Floor, At Dusk (10/23/07)
-White Rainbow, Sun Circle, Megafaun (10/16/07)
FOOD FIGHT! Movie Night: “Kingpin” (10/14/07)
-Gejius, Flaspar, IE, Leco$te (10/13/07)
-Mount Eerie, The Moools, Ghost to Falco (10/04/07)
-The Watery Graves, The Evolutionary Jass Band, Angelo Spencer, Baptist Arms (09/28/07)
-Old Time Relijun, Cexfucx, Bryce Panic (09/26/07)
-Adrian Orange and Her Band, COCO, Davis Hooker (09/21/07)
-Valet, Lucky Dragons, Mudboy, Fortress of Amplitude, ROB WALMART (09/15/07)
-Team Evil, Andy Combs,

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